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How to select a Miami Web Design Company?

Even in this day and age where news, research, verification and background checks are literally instantaneous many people are still gullible enough to the point where they taken advantage of. This is more often true in the area of Web Design, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many visibility products concerning small business. There seem to be this crazy idea that because your friend Joe the Plummer says he is a web designer, that he is the right website designer for you or your business! Web Designer, Internet Marketing Consultant and Social Media Marketing Consultant are some of the most misrepresented job titles in today's market place. It seems that every one is a Website Designer or a Social Media Marketing expert! Having online Universities issuing diplomas to anyone willing to pay, does not help either. This is also happening because the definition of a website is so elusive. The level of understanding by business owners in the area of marketing and technology is very limited and you have to hand it to some of these people, they tell a good story!

How to select a Miami Web Design Company

Let me address the first issue - the definition of what a "business website is"!

I said business website because this is what we do at Web Dsign Miami. With very few exceptions, such as musicians, magicians, or mimes, we'll recommend them going straight to Social Media and skipping the expense of a website all together. For the rest, a website is a "marketing tool" not some private pages on the internet for you to visit and admire. A well-developed website serves as an online business card that tells a story about your business, your products and your services. Unless you own a franchise, I will bet money -you own a unique business with unique products and unique services. This is what brings us success! If you are going to be just another Joe the Plummer; why would people come to you? As business people and entrepreneurs, we have to be able to identify areas where we can grow our business by addressing and providing products and or services the public wants.

It is important that we convey this message to the visitors to our websites. One of the major failures many of the turnkey solutions providers (such as FindLaw, a Thomson Reuter's business and OrthoSynetics among others), is their lack of understanding of the actual business, its demographic and audience. Cookie cut content just does not do the trick for small businesses and does not do the trick for Search Engines ether. This is why we insist on having business owners (the ones we work for) take the time to give us an inside as to what makes their business special. No one can tell me more about your business than you, the creator!

At the end of the day a web design company that does not understand the importance of communicating with its audience, or even more importantly, is unable to execute on this basic principal of marketing (conveying a message to an audience) on their own website, are entities of little or no use to you! Keep in mind that "Nobody can do for you what they cannot do for themselves".

In summary, when selecting a Miami web design company for your business, seek out one who's website is well ranked, exercises good skills in communication, graphic design, search engine optimization know how with multiple website ranked on the first page if not the first place in Google. They should have a history of developing custom work not just copy/paste WordPress or Joomla projects and is able to provide reference of active relation with established local businesses.

If you are looking for a Miami Web Designcompany to spear head your internet marketing give NetLinks expert team of Miami Web Designer a try. Contact us today for a no obligation analysis of what we can do for your business in the areas of Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization and digital printing.

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