eCommerce Website Design Service in Miami, Fl.

eCommerce Website Design in Miami Fl.

Looking for an affordable eCommerce solution? NetLinks' eCommerce Shopping Cart provides you with a platform to sell your products online. NetLinks web design team in Miami has developed a simple eCommerce solution that allow business owners to sell their products online without any monthly fees and an initial set cost just a little more than the cost of a regular website. There are many e-commerce solutions available today. Many charge outrageous set-up fees and or ongoing monthly fees, but we are not one of them. Our proven proprietary CMS "BackOffice" cuts the development time and because of this we are able to pass on significant savings to you.

eCommerce Website Design Service Consist of:

  • Professionally developed graphic interface
  • Professional SEO Optimization of the top 5 pages
  • Configuration of basic categories and other catalog functions
  • Google Keyword Tool Meta Tag Keyword Structure
  • Implementation of our CMS (Content Management Software) BackOffice
  • FREE Optional BackOffice Modules like News Page, Gallery, Email Marketing, Blog and Link Exchange

Optional eCommerce Website Design Services:

  • Products upload
  • Content Generation
  • Product Photography
  • Website Maintenance and Updates

Unlike what other web design firm may say, an eCommerce website is not for everyone and unless you have unique products we do not encouraged it. eCommerce website are very maintenance intensive and this is what many eCommerce web design firms don't tell you up front. Just like a brick and mortar store, you need to add and manage inventory, manage price changes and address customer services needs in a prompt and efficient way. Back in the '90s, eCommerce was a very lucrative business.

Today, due in part to internet fraud and the ability of companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart to sell products for less than what you can buy it for, eCommerce website design has fallen. Although online sale has grown year after year, the space is controlled by eCommerce giants making it very difficult for a little company or start-up to break though. A perfect example of how cutthroat the business has become is the closing of more than 50 Best Buy in 2012. Many analysts are predicting that Best Buy is following the steps of Circuit City (a failed electronics retailer that closed its doors in January 2009 after disappointing holiday sales).

People who shop online are savvy! If they find something they like on your website the first thing they are going to do is Google it! In addition, unless you are able to beat Amazon or Wal-Mart and compete with their FREE shipping and or pick-up at store policies you do not stand a chance. At the end of the day, all you are doing is advertising for them and helping them get even bigger!

That said, there is a very strong market for artisanal, organic, custom-made goods and spare parts and if you have a business plan that includes an eCommerce platform with very a reasonable start up cost and no monthly fees give us a call.