Miami Graphic Design Services for Web or Print

Miami Graphic Design Firm

NetLinks offers a wide range of graphic design services for both web and print marketing and advertizing. Unlike painting, drawing, sketching, 3D rendering and other graphic arts the focus of our graphic design department is to combine technology, software expertise and known human psychological traits to effectively communicate ideas or message to a predetermined audience.

This is sometimes complicated because we find that many customers do not really understand their audience and in many instances get in the way of achieving success by introducing personal feelings into the equation! Creating graphics for advertising, marketing or anything to do with growing your brand or business is all about pleasing the largest number of people not your ego or personal taste. We have a long history of delivering successful web and print design. Some of these products include Logo and Corporate ID Design, Website Templates, HTML Email Templates, Postcards, Business Cards, Tri-Fold Brochures and much more.

Branding, Corporate ID and Logo Design

At NetLinks, we are experienced in branding and rebranding products and businesses of all sizes. We have developed complete corporate IDs for many successful businesses throughout South Florida and the Caribbean. During this process, we find it intriguing how people get involved and sometimes even lost in business plan details but how little attention they pay to logo design and or other branding details. In general, we are not big fans of graphical logo icons. We find that typographical branding holds more value and retention with consumers, especially for new businesses. If you have, a graphical icon in mind it's imperative that you understand how important it is that your design can be downed to just one color. Failure to do this can bring branding implication that many people just do not take into consideration. For example, how are you going to create POP or silk screening products with a multilayer logo that can't be reduced down to one color? Reducing down to one color means just that one color ink- Think of it like an old school rubber stamp!

Graphic Design for the Web

A successful website is one that not only attracts visitor via organic search engine optimization but one that retains them after they get there! If you search for many trade services like dentist, lawyers, CCTV and others you normally find at the top of the search many websites that are not too appealing! Yes, they do rank well! Meaning, they have all the technical component Google, Yahoo and Bing would like you to have but they are missing the human component, in other words the look and feel of a pleasant environment. This is why despite their ranking position (SERP) they garnish less customers then a better looking website that is a little down the line let's say position four or five. It is for this reason that we pay so much attention to the graphics interface design (the look) of every website we create.

Graphic Design for Print

As with your website graphic, it is important that your printed material look its best. In many occasion it is does not cost anymore to have a professional graphic designer design an effective business card, postcard, brochure or flyer. Everything you print as it relates to your business or brand must be top notch! At NetLinks, we concentrate in maintaining your brands focus while addressing your audience in the most efficient way! Unlike many print shop that have no idea about web graphic or many web design companies that have no idea about commercial printing or wide format printing at NetLinks we do it all. This means our graphic design team is well vested in all the rules and guideline one most take into consideration when designing is RGB for the web at72dpi as well as in CMYK at 300dpi for print!